Seminars & Workshops

(Available for Sermons, One-Day Seminars, and Weekend Retreats.)

Durrell lectures at churches, college campuses, retreats, and workshops challenging individuals to live a victorious, adventurous life by stepping boldly into the divine drama of God’s calling. He integrates his life experiences from Hollywood stuntman and actor to corporate executive and film producer. He also passionately expounds upon his greatest challenge: adventures as husband and father of four young children.


Men on the Edge (for men)

Redeeming the Hero: A positive refocus and turning point for men in transition.

The Warrior Stumbles (for men)

Apostle Thomas: A man of warrior-like faith on a journey toward confidence in Jesus.

What’s Your Story (for students)

Like every good story, there are key plot points in our lives that reveal our character, expose our villains, express our passions, and surprise us with romance along the dramatic journey.  Utilizing various film clips, we examine these story points and reflect on how we are living out the divine drama of God’s will in our lives.

A Dangerous Romance (for couples – joined by Rebecca Nelson)

Leaving ‘Venus and Mars’ and returning men and women to the garden of sexuality, compassion, and partnership.

Reckless Hearts (for students)

A sobering, daring, real-talk for high school and college students on cultural relativity.

Staying in the Game (for men and women)

Encouraging and challenging the Church to stop looking at the scoreboard and to live a purposeful life of passion, adventure, and commitment.

I Am My Father’s Child (for men and women – joined by Rebecca Nelson)

Healing the Child Within: Honest look at the scars that haunt us and the healing in Jesus.


Operation: Children is a Non-Profit Charitable Corporation with a primary mission to assist the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services in finding loving, adoptive parents for hard-to-place children in need of a permanent home.

Creating Families and Building Futures

Driving the Dream

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