Rebecca Rogers Nelson

 Rebecca Rogers Nelson began her career as an actress in NYC. She’s a SAG member with more than 50 national and regional commercials as well as TV and film roles to her credit. After more than ten years in The Big Apple, Rebecca shifted focus to the other side of the camera with directing and writing taking career focus. Rebecca is an award-winning screen writer and has penned four full-length screenplays. She is currently producing THE HOME GAME which she also wrote with her amazing husband, Durrell.  Rebecca and Durrell are passionate about raising awareness for the thousands of children waiting to be adopted through the United States Foster Care System.  Three of their four wonderful children were foster-adopted through Los Angeles Foster Care.

Rebecca holds a Dramatic Arts degree from Mary Washington College in Virginia and studied film making at  Regent University in Virginia Beach. Time on the other side of the camera was a welcome new challenge. Directing award-winning grad films such as BUDDY BLAZES and JUST PLAY, which she also wrote, gave her the desire to pursue other directing work – the kind that paid. She’s directed commercial spots for Lane Furniture and written and directed spots for Farmer’s Insurance. Rebecca is also a graduate of both the Act One-Writing for Hollywood and Act Two programs. Rebecca resides in Virginia with her husband, Durrell, sons, Ben and Anthony, daughters, Sabrina and Lily, and their dog, Max.

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