Durrell Nelson

Durrell_Nelson_1 Redemption revealed through
screen and scripture

Durrell is a writer, speaker, leadership coach, and spiritual mentor. He is devoted to equipping men, women and churches toward purposeful living in Christ. He challenges individuals to live life for God’s purpose, not by man’s labels. Through divine revelation and God’s grace, Durrell inspires, motivates and teaches how to stay focused in the game (of life) and ‘play’ to one’s full potential, designed and purposed by Christ. Through the use of story and the medium of film, Durrell addresses relevant concerns, including insecurities provoked by this present economic uncertainty, in a way that can lead to catharsis, epiphany, liberation and victory in Christ.

Integrating his thirty years in the Hollywood film business, rising from stuntman to professional actor to corporate executive,  Durrell speaks and teaches at churches, college campuses, retreats, and workshops on living a victorious, adventurous life by stepping boldly into the divine drama of God’s calling. By sharing his adventures as an actor, stuntman, and technical mountain climber, he challenge individuals, couples, and corporations to fight against a life of mediocrity by taking risks and pursuing a life with passion and relentless intention.

Durrell holds a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte, he is a graduate of the Masters in Professional Writing Program from the University of Southern California; and a summa cum laude graduate in Business Management from Woodbury University in California.  Durrell is currently in progress toward a PhD in Theology and Apologetics.

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